Ireland a “thriving” and “hugely important book market – HarperCollins. Here’s why.


Hands up any authors and small publishers here who have given a second thought to Ireland as a book market.

Not many, I’m guessing.

Yet Ireland is well served, with dedicated Apple and Google Play ebook stores, a Kobo partner store (Eason) and of course full access to the UK and US Kindle stores. So many of us will be there

But of course there’s much more to the book market than just ebooks, And Ireland is a major English-language market, not to be disregarded lightly.

“With a population of just 4.7 million the Republic of Ireland sold an impressive 10.9 million books last year to the value of €130.9 million. That of course is according to Nielsen BookScan, so by no means the entire book market.”

HarperCollins is taking Ireland seriously. Maybe indie authors should too.

Read more over at The New Publishing Standard.

Mark Williams now writes daily on global publishing matters for The New Publishing Standard.

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