Ebook Formatting – Just £10 GBP

Ebook formatting can be expensive. Very expensive.

And sometimes that expense can be justified.  If you want fancy extras like drop-down capitals to start chapters, footnotes with superscripts, lots of images, etc, these tasks are time consuming and naturally add to the cost.

But for a basic ebook file of a typical novel, ready to go out as a mobi file on Amazon, as an IPDF-validated epub on B&N, Apple, Scribd, Google Play, etc, and for acceptance by the Smashwords Premium catalogue or by aggregators like Bookbaby and Ebook Partnership, there’s a lot less work and therefore ought to be a lot less cost.

With that in mind Ebook Bargains UK now offer a basic ebook conversion service for just £10 GBP.

For that we will take your Word document and convert it to

1) an IDPF validated epub file that will be acceptable by all the major retailers and aggregators on first attempt, and

2) a mobi file that will work across all Kindle devices.

All of course with a working ToC.

Both files for just £10.

How to get your Word doc converted?

Just send your Word doc to us at theinternationalauthor@gmail.com and we’ll send you an invoice for £10 GBP and aim to have the two files back with you within 48 hours.

Monies received for the ebook conversions help babies, children and nursery schools in West Africa.

Mark Williams (international)

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