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SE Asia “one of the most promising publishing regions.”

tnps_se asiaIndonesia has more internet users than any country in Europe. And its only at 54% penetration.

Indonesia is just the largest of a group of publishing countries that make up SE Asia, one of the most exciting prospects on the planet for digital authors.

We indies like to think of ourselves as ahead-of-the-curve digital-first authors, but many of us would better be described as behind-the-curve ebook authors.

What’s the difference? From today’s post over at TNPS:

“Digital doesn’t just create ebook stores and ebook subscription services. It drives sales of print books, directly through online bookstores, and indirectly through titles being made available with POD that otherwise would never be seen in print.

It also drives book sales and book creation thanks to other digital media – most notably video right now, making more and more films and TV available to global audiences hitherto off-limits. But also audio, where the removed need for clunky hardwear is having a noticeable impact on audiobook sales.

It drives new writing and experimental form through micro-fiction sites like Terribly Tiny, through fan-fiction sites like Wattpad, and through serial-fiction sites like Radish. We’re just beginning to see the impact of AR and VR.

And it drives word-of-mouth audience engagement through social media, which in turn become the platform of new writing, as we’ve seen most startlingly with the rise of the Tumblr and Instagram poets.

And that’s just the tip of the digital iceberg.

But it is, all importantly, just that: a digital iceberg.

With two pre-requisites: internet access and smartphones.

SE Asia has them both in spades.”

Read more over at The New Publishing Standard.

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Mark Williams now writes daily on global publishing matters at The New Publishing Standard.