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Thinking of Leaving KDP Select and Reaching More Readers?

Go Global In 2014Thinking of leaving KDP Select and going to multiple retailers? This post by author Nick Stephenson gives some compelling reasons – and numbers – as to why you should.

Nick is just one month into being available from more than one major retailer, instead of just Amazon.

What’s really surprising is that he gained traction so fast.

But check out his stats and sales charts. What they demonstrate is quite stunning. Not only did Nick see a ton of new sales from the retailers he’s previously ignored, but he’s also seen a surge in sales ON Amazon itself.

This is the trap so many indies fall into when they chase the shiny bauble and go exclusive with Amazon. because when the Amazon readers tweets and FB’s how they loved your book their friends who are with other retailers are just left out in the cold.

Amazon has dozen ebook stores around the world, and is the biggest player in only a handful. It blocks downloads to vast tracks of the world and surcharges buyers in countries outside the Kindle Zone.

35% of ebooks sold in the USA and Australia are through outlets other than Amazon. 60% of ebooks sold in Germany are  through outlets other than Amazon. Upwards of 80% of ebooks sold in India are through outlets other than Amazon.

Amazon should always be major part of any indie’s marketing strategy, but guys, it’s time to stop partying like its 2009.

Amazon isn’t the only show in town anymore, and in mid-2014 its possible to be available in upwards of 250 retail outlets around the world with very little effort or up-front costs.

How many ebook stores are you in?

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