3 responses to “Indie Authors, Keywords Matter. A Single Word — Even A Single Letter — Can Make All The Difference.

  1. Great post, as usual, Mark. I always open your blog, it’s like looking out a window at the weather out there. At first I thought, “Oh, keywords…I think I’ve got a handle on that.” Not. For my new book, “Expedition Costa Rica,” I had ‘Costa Rica’ as a keyword. Guess it’s off to Pronoun for this little indie.

  2. Thanks for another informative post, Mark. It’s much appreciated.

  3. Great information and my head is spinning. Thank you for breaking things down for us. I’m brand new and only wrote 1 eBook of a 3 book series so far. My question is, I’m on the 90 dayKDP program and know I can only use Kindle/Amazon to promote right now. So is “Pronoun” part of that? I’ve been advised that Create Space is part of that but really not sure what to do with that. I don’t have a clear idea of what I can and can’t do at this time, and I have read the rules. Any suggestions?
    I’m very interested in the tag words too as I didn’t realize the analytics impact like you so beautifully laid out.
    Thank you so much, Nancy

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