StreetLib Does It Again! This Time Its BajaLibros!

Hard on the heels of the announcement that StreetLib had added OverDrive libraries to their distribution options, commencing September 15 (LINK), the Italy-based aggregator has announced distribution to Argentina-based BajaLibros starts on September 21.

BajaLibros is the largest ebook distributor in Latin America (LINK) and the third largest Spanish ebook store in the USA. It’s also in Spain (LINK).

StreetLib also get your titles into other key domestic Latin America stores like Librerias Gandhi, El Sotano, Nubleer and PeruBookstore.

And StreetLib get you into Google Play, who have ebook stores across Latin America – Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela.

StreetLib also get you into Apple which has iBooks stores in several Latin American countries, and in Kobo, which partners with the key Brazilian store Livraria Cultura, and has a new partnership starting this month with Mexico’s two biggest bookstores (LINK).

With the BajaLibros distribution deal StreetLib could be said to have Latin America well and truly covered. No other aggregator comes close!

Not that there’s much to choose from them, but here’s the BajaLibros Uruguay store (LINK) and here’s BajaLibros in Mexico (LINK), and Chile (LINK), and Colombia (LINK), and of course Argentina (LINK).

BajaLibros has been selling ebooks in Latin America since 2010. As well as the above stores BajaLibros also has ebook stores in Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela, not to mention Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

There’s a common misconception that Latin Americans don’t read. But that’s more to do with availability than anything else. The Buenos Aries Book Fair this year had over 1.2 million visitors (LINK)

Thanks to smartphone proliferation ebooks are available across the continent, no matter how far you live from a bookstore.

To understand why I’m so excited by this new move by StreetLib check out past posts, as here, for example (LINK).

Last month I reported, courtesy of The Digital Reader (LINK) that Tigo Mobile has a carrier-billing agreement with the Russian ebook subscription service Bookmate to deliver books to readers in Guatemala and Paraguay.

Not just another pertinent Latin America story but a double whammy for StreetLib, because StreetLib is the only no-upfront-fees aggregator to get indie titles into the Bookmate catalogue.

But don’t think that’s good enough to keep The International Indie Author happy, StreetLib! 🙂

When will we see StreetLib titles going into Grammata’s Argentina, Mexico and Colombia and Spain stores?

And what about Movistar? Or Amabook? Here’s Amabook in Chile. (LINK). Amabook have nine store including the USA and Spain. Or Saraiva in Brazil? (LINK)

Given StreetLib have an office in Mexico and a Latin America manager, Viviana Paredes Estapé, who has been quoted as saying Latin America “is ripe with opportunities”, (LINK) I’m guessing it won’t be long.

For some reason they don’t speak much English in Latin America, so Spanish and Portuguese translations should be on the minds of anyone contemplating the Latin American market. All my titles are being translated into both languages.

But many indies will be using Babelcube for translations, and Babelcube don’t have much of a distribution network in Latin America.

So StreetLib (LINK) and Babelcube (LINK), if you’re reading this, how about you two get together and make our Spanish and Portuguese translations really worthwhile?

For more hot news on the way the global ebook scene is shaping up join  The International Author Facebook Group. (LINK)


5 responses to “StreetLib Does It Again! This Time Its BajaLibros!

  1. I love your blog, Mark. You’re the only one talking about this stuff!

  2. Interesting article, thanks!

    Though I speak and understand Spanish, I’m not close to competent enough to do a translation of my own work. Hopefully something that can happen in the future though.

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