June Is Audio-Book Month 1: Free Audio-Books From AudioBooks.Com.


June is Audio-Book Month, and for those with a mobile device the audio-book retailer AudioBooks.Com (LINK) is giving away a free ebook every day of this month.

There are thirty-two things we indies can take from this.

Thirty free audio-books, obviously.

But more importantly a) that Amazon’s Audible is by no means the only show in town when it comes to a-book retailing.

And b) that most of these free a-books will be short works – non-fic, fic, whatever

For us indies short a-books provide a great opportunity to expand our reach and our repertoire.

Audio-book production, unlike ebook production, escalates significantly in cost as the length of the book goes up. If you’re paying for professional narration and recording services a longer book can cost a small fortune. And conversely a shorter work can be produced for far less.

As per previous discussion here (LINK), there are opportunities above and beyond the standard a-book outlets for audio-titles. Radio, for example. Podcasts. Digital libraries. Etc, etc.

For those writing serialized fiction or non-fiction or short series of regular length, there is also the opportunity to top-and-tail these and sell them direct to consumers or direct to broadcasters.

Digital offers indie authors unparalleled opportunities to reach new audiences.

Don’t let the New Renaissance pass you by. Explore some new opportunities today!

Ebook Bargains UK

Far more than just an ebook promo newsletter.

Far more than just the UK.


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