Think About The Next Five Years, Not the Next Five Weeks. Your Global Reach In 2019 Will Be Truly Phenomenal.


Yes. we’ve been off-line. Sorry! But we’re back, and lots to catch up on, starting with this graphic (LINK) which shows predicted mobile data traffic globally over the next five years. Hard to exaggerate how significant this is.

Right now much of the world is without the internet or running 2G. For most of the world 3G is still a novelty. 4G a luxury.

But based on current trends the take-up of 3G and above internet globally is going to be staggering. And this is based on current day technology. With 5G just around the corner, that 2019 figure could be hugely conservative.

As we start 2015 there are already THREE BILLION people connected to the internet. By 2019…

Mobile is the driver. Back in pre-history when you needed a desktop computer and a monitor and somewhere to plug it all in before you could even think about having a cable to connect to the internet, going online simply wasn’t an option for most of the world.

Today 89 percent of all internet activity in Papua New Guinea is via mobile. It’s 76 percent in Nigeria and 72 percent in India. The same story is unfolding across the globe.

Cheap mobile devices – mainly smartphones – mean that in the not too distant future almost everyone on the planet will have the means to access and read your ebooks, listen to your a-books and podcasts, watch your you-tube videos or consume whatever other digital content you may care to throw out there.

The scale of our potential audience is quite unparalleled in human history, and it’s getting bigger by the day.

Every day more and more people have the means to read and buy your ebooks. If they are there. And if they are buyable.

When it comes to going global, being there is most definitely half the battle. The other half is a lot of hard work with no instant results.

Will it be worth it?

Take another look at that graph. Focus on 2014, because that little stump is EVERYTHING we have today. EVERY ONE of the US and UK and other readers we have collectively accumulated over the past five years is somewhere in that first step.

Every Amazon customer, every Apple customer, every Kobo customer…

Each new step on that graph represents huge numbers of NEW users – many of whom will be reading ebooks, listening to a-books, etc.

Don’t get so wrapped up in the day-to-day sales-watching that you lose sight of the incredible opportunities ahead.

Think about the next five years, not just the next five weeks.

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Far more than just the UK.


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