Kobo Launches Debut Writer Competition In Canada


This is a smart move by Kobo., Hopefully they’ll roll it out more widely later this year.

Essentially all Canadian residents who debuted a book in 2014 can enter and potentially win CAD $10,000, and some serious internal promo from Kobo too.

Three categories are open: non-fic, lit-fic and mystery. Debut authors only and a Canada address required. The book does need to be available on Kobo, but not exclusively.

While not much use to those who live outside Canada or have several titles under their belt, this could be a great deal for anyone who does meet the criteria.

Not least because very few authors will meet the said criteria, and even fewer will ever get to hear about this opportunity in the first place, so it could be a very small pond the judges will be fishing in.

Deadline is March 31. If you know anyone who might be eligible, do share this post, or at least share this LINK.

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Far more than just the UK.


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