See No Future. Hear No Future. Have No Future. Part I.


The i-phone is 8 years old.

And it’s fascinating to look back at just how radical it was when it was launched, – and just how backward it is compared to today. (LINK)

Running on 2G, with a 2mp camera. Images only, no video. No app store. For the first five years apparently you needed a PC to set it up when you first bought the device,

It’s now 2015 and the iPhone is a very different beast. The iPhone has changed. The world has changed. And thoe changes bring new possibilities for indie authors. Not least iOS8 with the iBooks store as a standard feature.

But this post isn’t about Apple. More on Apple very soon.

This post is about change. And about the need to be open to change and to the opportunities change brings.

Looking out over the indieverse we see far too many indie authors desperately clinging on to the past, adamantly partying like its 2009, while opportunity and adventure pass them by.

It’s 2015. We’re entering the era of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Everything is just around the corner. Things aren’t just changing. They are changing fast.

For those of us with more years behind us than we’d care to admit, who remember life before computers and the internet were available to mere mortals, let alone e-commerce and smartphones and tablets, our lives today are beyond our wildest science fiction fantasies.

Its important to remember that somehow we came to terms with and embraced these incredible changes. If we hadn’t we’d still be bashing away at query letters on typewriters instead of running off ebooks and uploading them to the internet.

As 2015 gets under way we all need to make sure the blinkers are off and our eyes are wide open to the opportunities ahead.

None of us can keep up with, let alone embrace, everything that is happening. And not everything will be suited to our needs.

But only by making informed choices will we have any chance of keeping up with what 2015 brings, let alone 2020.

Closing our eyes and covering our ears is not an option. Unless we want to be the 2015 equivalent of those wannabe authors sat at home right now bashing out those query letters on their typewriters.

See no future. Hear no future. Have no future.


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