Amazon Prime In India By End Of The Year?


Nothing official, but it seems Amazon is sizing up the prospects for launching Prime in India, with digital content streaming as a key attraction.

Film and music are being explored, in keeping with the current Prime offering, but of course a big boost to Prime’s appeal – in India as at home -would be to add ebook streaming.

Nothing will happen in India this side of summer, but we would expect Amazon to be pushing this venture to be live for the Indian festive season in the autumn.

Amazon is facing lots of local difficulties in India but is making progress despite. Shopping at Amazon is something of a status symbol for the lucky few who can afford to. One more example of eastern interest in western culture, that none of us should ignore.

Flipkart will remain the largest e-commerce player in India for a long while yet, and that goes for ebooks too. Remember, you can get into Flipkart through Smashwords with no up-front costs.

But anyone thinking the Indian ebook market is a two-dog fight needs to think again. Apple still aren’t there, and Kobo totally dropped the ball with this one, with a token presence that does no-one any favours.

But Google Play are there and making good ground. We expect Google Play to become the dominant ebook service in India in the not too distant future thanks to a combination of brand recognition, availability on Android devices, and carrier billing.

Landmark’s experiment with ebooks was short-lived, for reasons not yet clear, and players like Infibeam and Crossword are never going to amount to much.

But keep an eye on the magazine turned ebook purveyors like Rockstand, Newshunt and Magzter, all growing in importance as India goes mobile.

What we would love to see is the big western aggregators like Smashwords and Draft2Digital team up with these three, but as yet no sign. British aggregator Ebook Partnership do supply Magzter, and are looking at Rockstand and Newshunt, but that’s not a cost-effective option unless you plan to use EP’s wider distribution network.

Looking at the wider region, expect Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Bhutan and Sri Lanka to open up to ebooks this year, with Google Play leading the way.

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2 responses to “Amazon Prime In India By End Of The Year?

  1. Forwarding the blog. If y’all are already getting this, I can stop forwarding the ones I think are interesting.

    Is anyone using Google Play? I guess I need to look into it. I think diversifying is going to be very important from now on. That’s one reason I’m staying with Smashwords, so I don’t have to upload to all these places directly. I know D2D does some of the same sites. However, I’m seeing a little bit of $$ coming in from Oyster and Scribd. Plus I do have a relationship with Mark Coker, so I can get answers pretty much immediately if I need them. Not so with BN or KDP. Far as I know, KDP still only answers in email, although sometimes the Amazon Customer Service desk will have generic answers I need or can help with stuff like authors pages, etc.

    Hope y’all had a nice New Year’s Day.

    Trana Mae

    T. M. Simmons, Author/Paranormal Investigator Facebook: Blog: Romance:

  2. Trana, Google Play buttons are typically appearing on 75% of Bookbub ads, which suggests many top sellers are finding GP useful.

    GP has only a small market share in the US, but is a significant player elsewhere.

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