What We Do With Your Listing Fees.

Go Global In 2014

If any of you have been along to the EBUK website recently and been deterred by the ongoing reconstruction, you’ll be pleased to know the overhaul is finally done and the revamped website is fully functional.

And for the grammar pedants among you thinking that was a poor use of the conditional tense, if you haven’t been along to the EBUK website recently, or indeed at all, the revamp has been done regardless.

Well, actually there’s still some minor fine-tuning to come, but nothing that will make life too miserable.

First and foremost, we have a clean new look to the site. (LINK)

Listing options and fees are of course still clearly labelled and easily followed through to the automated metadata upload server, as before.

In addition we now have a currency converter that will allow you to with one-click convert the rates not just from our standard GBP to US dollars or euros, but also to Australian dollars, New Zealand, dollars, South African rands, Indian rupees, etc.

Across the top bar of the website you’ll find the links to subscribe to the daily newsletters, and of course to the blog.

You’ll also see some references to West African schools, children and babies.

West African schools? Children? Babies? What’s that all about?



Well, some of you may know that, while we’re based and run from Bedford in freezing Great Britain, EBUK’s founder is a British author who sensibly lives in The Gambia in sunny West Africa, where he funds a number of children’s projects through his book sales.

When EBUK was launched the idea was that, aside from helping authors reach readers in the nascent ebook markets around the world, any proceeds after costs would go to helping support babies , children and schools in one of the most impoverished countries on the planet.

And, though we’ve not mentioned it until now, that’s what we’ve been doing.

All the EBUK team devote their time freely to the project and, aside from the unavoidable expenses that accompany running a promo newsletter (email marketing fees, payment processing fees, web-hosting fees, etc) all the money that comes in from the project in the UK goes back out again on the bigger project in West Africa.

Obviously we’re a small outfit, charging low fees and bringing in low revenue, but even so, this month so far your EBUK listing fees have helped put ten children into nursery school and helped two pregnant mothers get medical treatment otherwise unaffordable to them.

Starting December we’ll be doing some regular posts here on the blog about this side of the EBUK project, including images and video so you can see directly how we spend your listing fees.

In 2015 we will be expanding the sponsorship projects we are involved with, and we’re hoping authors and readers will come on board to offer some support of their own. With that in mind, we’re looking for volunteers to help make this happen. Anyone interested to know more should email us at: theinternationalauthor@gmail.com.

We have a lot of ambitious and innovative projects in the pipeline, including “Sponsor-Me” ebooks and e-zines, and in particular we are hoping to attract pre-natal sponsorship for carrying mothers, with the idea that the sponsor can then support that child from pre-birth right through the crucial first five years (one in five babies in Africa won’t see their fifth birthday) and then through school and beyond.

More about all this in coming weeks.

Meanwhile, with the site revamped and the daily newsletters finally revamped, it’s (hopefully) back to “business as usual” for us with the blog and our take on the global ebook scene.

Thanks for your patience while we’ve been sorting things.

If you haven’t placed an ad with us lately, or have come across this post and are discovering us for the first time, do pop along to our website and see what’s on offer.

As ever, we are not Bookbub and not trying to compete with Bookbub. Our focus is on the nascent ebook markets of the world and our low fees reflect this. Expect results in bingo numbers, not telephone numbers.

But bear in mind too that, running expenses aside, all the money from the listing fees goes towards babies, children and school projects in one of the poorest countries on Earth.

Ebook Bargains UK

Far more than just an ebook promo newsletter.

Far more than just the UK.


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