Crank Up The Gramaphone Tablet. His Master’s Voice Has A Message For Uncle Jeff.

Go Global In 2014You probably thought RCA, last heard of when music was played on big flat vinyl disks at 78 rpm on wind-up gramaphones and when TVs had tubes, had long since gone the way of the dinosaurs.

But it’s a funny old world, and the only thing written in stone in the digital era is that nothing is written in stone.

RCA has not just refused to die. It’s making a big come back.

How big?

How’s this for size: RCA makes tablets nowadays. Yeah, you know, like the KindleFire.

Of course, being indies we all have only ever heard of the KindleFire and the iPad. But in the real world beyond our indie existence the buying public have been busy choosing tablets based on – make sure you’re sitting down for this – considerations other than who their favourite ebook seller is.

Enter RCA, which is not just outselling the KindleFire, but is now the fifth biggest tablet vendor in the world!

In top spot Apple is still holding out, with Samsung second. In third and fourth place come Asus and Lenova, while RCA comes from nowhere to grab fifth place, thanks in large part to a deal with the world’s biggest retailer, Wal-Mart. (LINK)

Amazon’s KindleFire range? Best not ask.

Have we mentioned recently how important it is that we should be diversifying and not having all our eggs in one basket?


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2 responses to “Crank Up The Gramaphone Tablet. His Master’s Voice Has A Message For Uncle Jeff.

  1. ROFL … yeah, you might’ve mentioned it once or twice … here and there. 😀

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