Ebook Formatting & Ebook Conversion From MS Word Doc – Mobi, Epub and Smashwords-Friendly Epub – All 3 For Just £10 GBP!

GoGlobalIn2014_500Those of you who manage to get to the end of our posts will know we finish off with the legend “Far more than just an ebook promo newsletter”.

From day one we set out to do something a little different from the myriad other promo newsletters out there, and to offer the best possible value to indie authors.

So we are delighted to introduce our new ebook formatting and conversion service, and we think you’ll find the prices are more than competitive.

~ ~ ~

£10 GBP equates to a little over $15 USD. For that we take your MS Word doc manuscript – any length – and turn it into an industry-standard IDPF mobi ebook file, AND a generic epub ebook file AND, if required, a Smashwords-friendly epub file.

Industry standard IDPF?

IDPF is the International Digital Publishing Forum. They are the Trade & Standards Organization for the Digital Publishing Industry.

They have a free epub validator here: http://validator.idpf.org/.

Just load up your epub file and it will come back approved or rejected. If your epub doesn’t pass the IDPF validator check it WILL NOT be accepted by an aggregator, such as Smashwords, Bookbaby or Ebook Partnership, or the wholesaler catalogues of Ingram, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor and OverDrive or a host of other retail outlets.


Mobi files are what Amazon use on their site.

Generic epub?

Epub is the standard format for 99% of retail outlets and an IDPF- validated generic epub file will work with pretty much any of them.


Regulars here at the EBUK blog will know we encourage indies to diversify, diversify and diversify, to get their work out on as many retail platforms as possible. And with alarming frequency we get feedback saying indies have tried but their MS Word doc can’t even get through the Meatgrinder into the Smashwords Premium Catalogue and into the Smashwords partner stores, let alone into the other aggregators and retailers that require an IDPF-validated file.

Yes, they can pay for a professional epub, but ebook formatting and conversion prices can be outlandish, and many formatters charge you once for the epub and then charge you again for a mobi version.

And having paid out for those ebook files indies then find that the epub file will still not be accepted at Smashwords because it doesn’t contain the magic words “published at Smashwords” (or unsubtle variation thereof) on the title page, which you don’t want in your Amazon, Apple, Kobo or B&N ebooks if you are going direct, and which will not be allowed by Bookbaby or Ebook Partnership, so they need another epub file formatting for Smashwords, at yet more expense.

~ ~ ~

As part of our commitment to giving indies affordable alternatives we’ve been looking at a range of services (see below for what we have in the pipeline) that we might be able to offer alongside the global ebook promo newsletters and the blog.

And so we are delighted to introduce our ebook formatting and conversion service.

Obviously we are not offering any fancy extras for this price.

This is £10 GBP for a respectably-formatted ebook file with embedded cover image, a working Table of Contents at the front, and live links (for example, to your author page or other books) if included in the original document.

If your book has images (other than the cover picture), graphics, tables, fancy drop-down capital fonts or other specialised font requirements (standard MS Word fonts and italics, bold, underline, etc are fine) then that usually involves one helluva lot more work to get right. We may be able to help, but more likely you’ll need to go to one of the specialist formatters.

But for a straight-forward novel, we can send you back a good-quality industry standard mobi, epub and Smashwords-friendly epub file – all three – for just £10 GBP.

And we aim to turn-around all orders within 48 hours.

You can submit and make payment via the Ebook Bargains UK website, or just send your MS Word doc to us at info.ebookbargainsuk@gmail.com and we’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

~ ~ ~

Finally, we mentioned other projects in the pipeline. None of these will be happening overnight, but in the not too distant future we hope to bring you:

EBUK Cover-Connect – Prêt-A-Porter and Bespoke Ebook Cover Designs.

We’d all love a bespoke cover for our ebooks, and over on the EBUK website we’ll be offering space for professional ebook cover designers to showcase their wares, so instead of traipsing all over the web trying to find a designer you’ll be able to locate a whole bunch of them here at EBUK.

But bespoke designs can get expensive, and especially for an unknown indie name needing to set a low retail price to find those first readers it can take an eternity to break-even. Which is where prêt-a-porter designs come into their own.

Prêt-a-porter? Many designers offer off-the-peg ready-to-go ebook covers with some great graphics and then sample text (title and author name) over the top. You choose the cover image you like, the designer replaces the wording with your own title and author brand, and you have a great ebook cover for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke design.

We’re also looking at an image gallery on the EBUK site where photographers and artists can showcase their works with a view to them being used for ebook covers.

EBUK Editorial-Connect.

Again, we plan to set aside space on the EBUK website for editors and proof-readers to showcase their services and, as with the cover-designers, make the EBUK site a go-to-place for indie author needs.

Finding the right editor for your particular book can be a real chore. Just because an editor is great at knocking your draft romance novel into shape doesn’t mean they know the first thing about science fiction or thriller writing, so we aim to provide a go-to-place where indies can find a range of editors covering all genres without having to jump randomly from one website to the next and hope they stumble across what they need.

EBUK Translation-Connect.

A little more ambitious, but we plan to make space available on the EBUK website to set up an exchange whereby indie authors can connect with translators globally and make their own private arrangements (pay-up-front/percentage deals/overseas marketing deals, etc) to get their works translated and out there in that ever-expanding global ebook market.

EBUK Voice-Connect.

As we’ve discussed on our blog recently, we believe audio-books represent an exciting opportunity for indie authors globally, but we are acutely aware that the only realistic option for most indie authors right now is to use Amazon’s ACX.

No question ACX is a great service, but there are other ways to get the job done, and you may find you can do far better in terms of royalties, editorial control and distribution by doing it the indie way.

Voice-Connect, like Translation-Connect, will be a place where voice-artists, producers and indie authors globally can find one another and make their own private arrangements to get their ebooks turned into a-books.

As it happens this project is quite well advanced and we have a number of voice-artists eager to connect with authors. With luck we’ll have this service up and running in the next few months.

Ebook Bargains UK

Far more than just an ebook promo newsletter.

Far more than just the UK.



6 responses to “Ebook Formatting & Ebook Conversion From MS Word Doc – Mobi, Epub and Smashwords-Friendly Epub – All 3 For Just £10 GBP!

  1. I love this idea and I think you’ll do well with just the formatting. Google Play is another site that requires a ‘clean’ epub file and it took me several tries and hair-pulling to finally get it right. The validator is a blessing too. A great way to see if the manuscript will be accepted before-hand.

  2. Looking forward to it!

  3. This sounds great. Does the manuscript have to be in Word? Can you work with Pages (Mac)?

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