Five of the Top 100 Ebooks on Kindle Brazil are English-Language.


For those who think English-language books don’t sell abroad and it’s a waste of time bothering with the global markets, check out Kindle Brazil where John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars is hovering outside the top 30 in the entire Kindle Brazil store.

Obviously this is a big name title, but what it shows us all is that there are plenty of people in Brazil who WILL pay good money to buy and read English-language books.

In fact as this  post goes live no less than FIVE of the top 100 in Kindle Brazil are English language titles

And ponder this: It’s a very safe bet Grimm’s fairy tales have been translated into Brazilian Portuguese a gazillion times, yet the English language ebook version – released just a few days ago, shot straight into the top 200 in the Kindle Brazil store.

Obviously the sales numbers aren’t anywhere near US and UK Kindle sales for comparable chart position – these are nascent markets and Kindle Brazil is by no means the biggest ebook outlet in Brazil.

But make NO mistake. People ARE reading English language books in countries like Brazil – which is notoriously a one-language country and still way behind the rich west in digital take-up.

For those wondering, the key indie-friendly western retailers in Brazil aside from Amazon are Kobo (via Livraria Cultura), Apple, Google Play, Smashwords and Scribd. Brazilians have plenty of domestic and Latin American ebook store alternatives to choose from too.

How may Brazilian ebook stores are your titles in?

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