Bella Andre Signs Exclusive Ebook Deal With… Kobo


No, there’s not a typo in the headline. Bella Andre has gone exclusive with Kobo.

True it’s only for three months, and it’s for five French-translated titles, but she could just as easily have gone into Select and gone exclusive for three months with Amazon France.

This is very a big-selling indie author. One of the indie super-stars. The fact that she’s gone exclusive with Kobo when she could take her pick of any of the big retailers and get similar terms is worth pondering.

If you are on multiple platforms but seeing nearly all your sales coming from Amazon (in any country) don’t blame the other retailers. First, check out this EBUK  post which breaks down the sales you might be missing out on elsewhere.

Second, take a look at your marketing and linking history.

If you spend 90% of your time promoting Amazon listings, are in and out of Select, and all your links on your blog, website, email header, etc, etc, are to Amazon then you have only yourself to blame for the readers you are not reaching.

We’re not going to dissect Bella Andre’s decision in detail because the issues raised are not about any individual author or title, but we would note Bella Andre has proven herself to be a very savvy operator and she would have weighed carefully the pros and cons before doing this.

We would add that Kobo exclusives are by no means new. Kobo has plenty of authors doing exclusive deals, but most are trad-pub authors who are getting the full benefit of Kobo’s extensive reach. Sadly Kobo is increasingly becoming a two-tier service where indies are treated as second-class clients.

So the Andre-Kobo deal is a nice bit of PR for Kobo and indies, at a time when Kobo desperately needs some good PR because many indies are still suffering from the aftermath of the W H Smith / Whitcoulls meltdown.

We’ll be running dedicated posts soon on Kobo and its failure to live up to indie expectations, and also a detailed look at the French ebook market Bella Andre is investing in

For now, for those surprised to heard Kobo even sells ebooks in France, just to say that Kobo supplies Fnac, the biggest ebook retailer in the country.

Retailer Round-Up

  • Easy day for us today! We only mentioned Fnac, and as above, you get there by being in Kobo. On a good day.

No doubt Bella Andre gets Kobo’s fullest attention when it comes to having her Kobo ebooks reach all the Kobo partner destinations. As we’ll be reporting shortly, for us lesser mortals Kobo’s indie reach is becoming farcical.

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