54% number


It’s official!

Global ebooks ARE the future!


HarperCollins CEO Brian Murray last week cited a report by finance experts PriceWaterhouseCoopers that predicts international ebook sales will exceed US sales by 2017.

Don’t take our word for it. Read it here.

Fifty-four per cent!

If that’s still not hitting home, look at this way. More than five out of every ten ebook sales will be in the international markets. That’s more than fifty out of every hundred. More than five hundred out of every thousand. More than five hundred thousand out of every million ebook sales will be happening outside the USA.
And quite honestly, we think this report is way too conservative. Seriously.

PWC base their predictions on recent market trends among the current big players like Amazon and Apple. Fair enough.

But by doing so it’s a pretty safe bet that PWC have not factored in

a) glocalization by the movers and shakers like Google Play;

b) the international expansion plans for Sony, ‘txtr and Kobo and the entrance of Samsung into the marketplace;

c) the number of rival devices being locally produced and locally sold at local prices that will reach users who could never afford an i-device and have no use for a Kindle with its mobi lock-in or a KindleFire when the content that makes it worth the extra money is off limits;

d) accelerated market fragmentation as White label stores proliferate via the wholesaler catalogues;

e) the rise of the grocery ebook retailers like Sainsbury and Tesco, with the power to deal with publishers on equal terms with Amazon, and pockets deep enough to match and beat Amazon at its own game;

f) the rise of traditional publishers as deliverers of digital content through their own outlets;

g) indies finally waking up to the incredible opportunities the wholesaler catalogues offer to get into markets Amazon ignores, surcharges or blocks;

h) PWC have totally underestimated the phenomenal potential for growth in the developing world outside of the BRIC and Pacific Rim countries  Not just eastern Europe, central and west Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, but the vast untapped reading market that is Africa.

To kick off the New Year with a bang we are launching our Go Global In 2014 campaign to raise awareness among indie authors of the incredible opportunities emerging internationally.

Starting tomorrow we’ll be posting frequent and in depth reports and analysis on the global ebook scene and explaining not just why, but crucially how, you can take full advantage of this next stage in the ebook revolution.

Make 2014 the year you go global.

Because if you don’t, you’ll be left behind. Way behind.


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